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SHALLOW BREATH by Sara Foster ★ ★ ★★

          “It’s about connections, across difficult boundaries,” comments Sarah Foster, in describing her third novel SHALLOW BREATH.  And there are so many extraordinary connections over the twenty year span of the story that your head will spin; but spin in a good way where you keep wondering what impact did this character have on this one. Even the animals in the book are connected and their impact on the human characters is also long-ranging.
          If you have ever visited or lived in Western Australia you will also find the factual component of SHALLOW BREATH fascinating and well-researched, as Foster skilfully weaves a tale of intrigue surrounding the main character, Desi, who once worked in the real-life "Atlantis Marine Park" outside Perth which closed in the nineties.
          The story begins with just-released-from-jail, Desi Priest, returning to her home by the Indian Ocean to hopefully reconcile with her teenage daughter Maya.  All we know is that Desi did something unthinkable and inexplicable and Maya is finding it difficult to understand and forgive her.  
          Told in five parts via multiple points of view, Desi recounts her life in the nineties whilst working at Atlantis just as it is closing. It was there she met AmericanConnor, a passionate marine biologist, with whom she develops a friendship which takes them further than she ever expected.
          In present day, a stranger, Kate, arrives in town and it is clear she is more than a visiting tourist. She has a dangerous agenda that is only revealed at the end of the book.  There are many secrets kept by each character and slowly the pace builds as the character perspectives flow back and forth to reveal how each character connects with Desi’s past and will impact on her future.
          For those who love a psychological mystery, SHALLOW BREATH will see you turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning. Along the way, there are some fascinating insights into animal conservation, dolphins and even orang-utans as the story travels from Western Australian to many countries.  Whilst it doesn’t beat you over the head with its conservation issues it certainly takes you to places where you will feel angered by the brutality but also encouraged by the bravery of those who fight against that cruelty.
          SHALLOW BREATH is a modern Australian saga, written by an author who knows how to breathe life into characters.  The story reaches through the pages pulling you into its watery depths and when it is over the characters will stay with you as if you’ve connected deeply with new friends.

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Release Dates: Australia and New Zealand: December 2012

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          Sara Foster lives in Western Australia with her husband and young daughter. She divides her time between writing, book editing and being a mum. Her passions include the natural world, photography and travel. She is the author of three novels: Come Back To Me, Beneath The Shadows and Shallow Breath.



  1. I enjoyed this as well, especially as an ex sandgroper who remembers Atlantis fondly, thanks for sharing your review!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. Hi Shelley,
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I checked out your blog as well. It's fabulous and very professional. Yes, anyone who has been to Atlantis will enjoy the revisiting of that icon in this book. Actually, I swam in the big tank with the sharks in the late eighties. Yes, I am absolutely mad. Wouldn't do it now.