Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Googly Eyes & Fibber Board Games Reviewed

We’ve become real board game players in this house in the past few months. Mostly the game of choice is Monopoly or Uno. We’ve even bought a few different sets of Monopoly.  

The eleven-year-old, Harry, is a problem, though. He gets bored easily and doesn’t like Monopoly. So we have a quick game of Uno with him (a game he will play) and then we are down to wheeling and dealing on the real estate with the thirteen-year-old, Bailey. The eleven-year-old then heads off to play his video games. Such a shame, because board games are a fun family activity.

Our games cupboard is filled with various games, but there is nothing other than Uno (which is really a card game, I know) that all of us enjoy playing together. That is until we were sent Googly Eyes to trial and review.

Check out this video I made and photos and you will see why. Its absolute hilarious fun for all ages and my whole family recommends.


First up, the glasses alone supplied days of fun for the boys. They are hilarious to wear and to view through. Don’t drive with them or walk too far; they really do make it difficult to see.

This game is basically Pictionary but with your vision impaired. It is so much fun.

Now when I say, Shall we play a game? the instant response is “Googly Eyes”. The only negative is that the timer didn’t work. However, with smart-phones these days that isn’t a problem. I hope the makers will, also, bring out new card packs. We are playing it so much we are getting through the cards very quickly.


Fibber, the other game we were asked to review, was quite fun but really we would recommend it for maybe ten and under.

In this, you play cards down from your hand and have to say what the card is without showing it. The goal is to get rid of all the cards in your hand by pretending the type of cards you're playing are not actually what you are playing, if you don't have the right ones in your hand. 

If someone thinks you’ve fibbed about your discard card, then they can call you a “Fibber.” My kids enjoyed calling each other names for sure.  If the player is not telling the truth, the “Fibber” has to wear an extension on his glasses over his nose, à la Pinocchio, and pick up all the cards in the discard pile. If they were telling the truth, you do. Its pretty silly, but still fun. Each time you are caught fibbing, you get a another piece for your nose. If you enjoy a wine, I can imagine the laughs.

It’s very simple, but next to a game like Googly Eyes, it has nowhere near the appeal or longevity of play. Our family still had fun though, but its Googly Eyes all the way here.

If you want to find out more about these games or where they are stocked, please visit Crown and Andrews www.crownandandrews.com.au

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