Sunday, June 9, 2013

TAKE OUT by Felicity Young ★★★★

Reviewed by Tracy Harris

         As soon as Detective Senior Sergeant Stevie Hooper steps into the deserted Pavel house in the wealthy Peppermint Grove suburb of Perth, Western Australia, she knows she’s stepped into trouble. Trespassing on another copper’s territory as a favour for her friend Skye Williams, a Silver Chain nurse who regularly visits the invalid Lilly Hardegan who lives next door. Stevie discovers half-eaten meals, a burning stovetop and, worst of all, an abandoned baby.
        When the local police take the case over, Stevie finds herself  pushed to the side. Urged on by Skye and her own gut-instincts, she is determined to investigate the matter further. As Stevie pushes for the truth, she eventually unearths dark and sordid secrets leading her to a human trafficking ring with international links and a complete disregard for the sanctity of human life.
        Set in the most isolated city in the world, Felicity Young has managed to capture the charm and beauty of Perth whilst  revealing its darker, seedier side. She has brought to life a likable and charismatic character in Stevie Hooper, whose determination to get to the truth balances well with her concern for her family and friends.
        I found this to be a novel with a complex and intriguing plot, sympathetic and lifelike characters which is sure to be enjoyed by fans of crime fiction.  
        As this is the third novel to feature Stevie Hooper, I shall certainly be ensuring that I visit Felicity Young's previous books, Harum Scarum and An Easeful Death.
         Many thanks to the kind people at Fremantle Press for providing our review copy.
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Felicity Young was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1960 and went to boarding school in the United Kingdom while her parents were posted around the world with the British Army. She took up writing after moving to rural Western Australia in 1990. Having a brother-in-law who is a retired police superintendent, it was almost inevitable she would turn to crime writing. Her first novel, A Certain Malice, was published in Britain by Creme de la Crime in 2005.
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