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PURE by JC BAGGOTT ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Imagination & author's talent makes for a PURE thrill ride

As the last pages of Pure loomed, the thought uppermost in my mind was, thank you Julianna Baggott for planning a trilogy.  Even then, two more books of this wonderful story will still leave us wanting more.  It is a window into an apocalyptic world, never before imagined in literature or film.
“We know you are here, our brothers and sisters.  We will, one day, emerge from the Dome to join you in peace.  For now, we watch from afar benevolently.” 
The premise of the book is in those words, delivered from the sky, via thousands of slips of paper, days after catastrophic explosions destroy America.  Survivors, outside of ‘The Dome’, like sixteen-year-old, Pressia, exist by bartering for food and living in the ruins of buildings.  Thanks to the nanotechnology bombs, these poor ‘wretches’ now face life fused with whatever they were nearest when the explosions occurred.  In Pressia’s case, along with horrific scars, a doll’s head is now embarrassingly her hand. 
The macabre fusions afflict all survivors.  Her Grandfather’s throat sports an embedded fan.  Bradwell, an ally, has bird wings fluttering in his back and the interesting El Capitan, sadly, carries the remnants of his brother on his back.
Inside ‘The Dome’, the inhabitants live a life of luxury with no scars or fusions marring their lives.  Partridge, a ‘Pure’—the name the outside inhabitants give Dome dwellers—decides to escape the Dome in search of his Mother.  Despite being wife to Ellery Willux, the Dome creator and its current dictator-like ruler, she didn’t make it inside before the blasts.
Convinced that after many years, his Mother is still alive, Partridge embarks on an odyssey in which he and Pressia cross paths.  Along the way, they gather surprising allies, including the most vicious school Mums you will meet.   
“Pure” burns along at a savage pace and the few passages where Baggott allows us to pause become voyeuristic windows into her extraordinarily imagined world.  Baggott not only paints a vivid world but also populates it with real characters that will haunt you long after the lines “The End of Book One".


Visit the "Pure" website for the first chapter of "Pure", loads of cool stuff and to learn more. Information on purchasing “Pure” is also there. I highly recommend you buy yourself a copy. You will want to read it more than once.
Visit author Julianna Baggott’s website and blog, with fabulously informative information for writers there.

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